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The Perfect Date Night At Home Checklist

Going out can be so overrated… and pricey! There’s no reason you can’t enjoy a perfect night with your significant other while staying right where you are. Of course, it might take a little extra effort to make a night at home feel extra special instead of just lounging around the living room. Here are steps you can take to make a date night at home extra special.


The Perfect Date Night At Home Checklist

1. Set the Scene: Create a Sexy Ambience

Switch up your environment so that you are stepping into a new place once date night starts with a refreshing ambiance. This will make the night actually feel special instead of an ordinary night in. Here’s how: hang up some string lights and light some candles to add a little romance to the air. Stream some smooth music in the background to set the mood and drown out any outside sounds…try choosing something soft that is easy to talk over. Lastly, don’t forget to tidy up so that the space is not overwhelmed with reminders of the “real world” like bills or an overflowing recycling bin.


2. Hide the Cell Phones: Save the Texting for Tomorrow

It seems that we have a love/hate relationship with technology these days, doesn’t it? Although we can’t live without our iPhones, shut them off and lock them away during your date night in. Being in the comfort of your own home can lead to every day distractions like checking your phone. Shut them off, throw them under the bed, and don’t worry about what’s going on in the outside world. Just focus on enjoying quality time and meaningful conversation with your date.


3. Cook or Take-Out: Make it Special

What’s a date night without good food? If you or your partner are equipped to, there are two ways you can make this night in unique: cook an all time favorite recipe that is saved for special occasions, or choose one you have never tried before. Make it fun by doing the food prep together! Otherwise, choose your favorite take out restaurant (extra points for delivery) and give yourself a break. Instead of eating in front of the TV, set up the dinner table so you can gaze into each other’s eyes.


4. Give Them Some Sugar with a Sweet Desert

Even if you rarely indulge in sweets on the regular, make an exception tonight and have a sweet treat ready for after dinner. Chocolate-covered anything is a pretty safe choice. If you’re feeling extra ambitious, grab a pint of ice cream and a variety of toppings for a makeshift ice cream bar.


5. Plan an Activity

Unless you and your partner are masters of conversation, have an activity planned for your date night ahead of time to avoid the What Now? dilemma. Keep things simple with a romantic movie, or let your competitive sides show with a fun board game marathon.


6. Flaunt Your Favorite Lingerie

Finish the night by showing off in your favorite piece of lingerie. Feeling sexy? Break out the bodysuit. Feeling flirty? See what they think of your babydoll top. You will be the cherry on top of the perfect date night in one of our lingerie styles.


Date nights in can allow you live out fantasies and spend quality time with the one you cherish most. For more date night tips, check out our post on 10 Creative Date Night Ideas.

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