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Four New Ways to Wear Lingerie

When you think of wearing lingerie, you most likely see yourself in the bedroom, right? Contrary to popular belief, lingerie isn’t just apparel that was designed to be taken off. More women are wearing glamorous lingerie pieces in public as part of their everyday outfits.

That’s right: lingerie can be subtly incorporated into your ensemble, giving your ordinary clothes a sexy flair as well as giving you an opportunity to enjoy your favorite pieces more often. Here are four new ways to wear lingerie outside of the bedroom.



Four New Ways to Wear Lingerie | Leg Avenue Blog

A corset can give a fierce edge to an otherwise simple ensemble. Lace one up with a pair of straight-cut or flared jeans to balance out the fitted look, and layer with a cardigan or blazer. When styled like this, the corset looks more like a tube top or fitted blouse, but still gives you the benefit of a defined, curvy silhouette. Wear a simple corset for a subtle look, or rock an embellished one as a statement piece. Whichever way you choose, everyone will love the bold twist to your casual ensemble.

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