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How to Store Your Lingerie

When splurging on some nice lingerie for yourself, you want to be sure that you’re giving extra care and attention to it so that the pieces last as long as they’re intended to. Knowing the right way to wash your lingerie is the first half of the battle (which we’ve talked about before on the blog here). Once it’s clean, you want to avoid throwing everything in a drawer, allowing it to get jumbled and tangled. That’s the quickest way to wear out and bend lingerie.


One of the best ways to organize your lingerie is to dedicate a chest or dresser that features shallow and narrow drawers, specifically for undergarments. Not only does it give you the right amount of space to stack your lingerie, it also keeps you from over-loading the storage space.

If you want to use storage you already own, drawer dividers will be your best bet at properly and neatly storing your lingerie. Fabric boxes are a great way to compartmentalize a drawer and will also protect your garments from getting snagged on the inside of the dresser.
Are you a DIY diva? Fortunately, there is a way to making your own lingerie-ready drawers. Pay virtually nothing to redo your undies drawer by cutting up some old shoeboxes and using them to divide up your skivvies. You can even make them look extra stylish by lining them with fabric or patterned contact paper.

How to Store Your Lingerie | Leg Avenue Blog

For a general lingerie collection, stack your bras so that the cups of one rest on the inside of the next one. If you are trying to fit them in a smaller space, fold a cup of one bra into the other cup of the same bra for compact storage. Fold your panties so that you can see a strip of fabric from each pair by looking straight into your drawer for easy scanning. Organizing everything by color will save time and frustration when searching for a specific piece.
Another time saver: if you have any matching bra and panty sets, maybe even from our own collection, store them together so you’ll be ready to take on anything. Fold one bra cup into the other, tucking in the matching panties between the two.
As for teddies, baby dolls and body suits, you can choose to hang these in garment bags for the safest possible storage, or fold them neatly into a drawer. Because they are often made with such delicate fabric, lining the drawer is also a great idea to prevent tears and catching.
Storing your lingerie the right way will allow them to stay in great condition for years. Just taking a few extra minutes a day rearranging your intimate pieces will guarantee to make your life a little easier in the long run. Happy organizing!

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