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Hosiery Styles for Every Mood


Since appearing at its peak of popularity in the 90s, hosiery is now back and more exciting than ever. Ladies all over the world are adorning their legs with prints and patterns. Not sure which styles are right for you? Read on to discover which designs may fit your mood and personality. Try them all and unleash some hidden alter-egos!

Classic Black Tights

There is always a place for sleek black tights in any wardrobe. Whether your outfit is loud or subtle, simple black tights always come in handy when you need them most. They are also very functional when you want to cover up while wearing shorter dresses or skirts. For whatever the occasion, you can never go wrong with this classic item.


Net Pantyhose

Also known as “fishnets,” a pair like these is guaranteed to satisfy your inner vixen. Its peek-a-boo effect is edgy yet flirty and shows that you are ready to play. These can also double up as lingerie when worn underneath panties, a baby doll, or a sexy chemise. After all, every girl wants to feel like a rock star.


Corset Lace Up Pantyhose

Want to channel the classic pin-up model look? This pair is for you. With a faux lace up effect running up the back to resemble a tied corset, these allow you to become the classic beauty we still admire to this day. The simple design does a lot to show off your gorgeous legs. And just like Dita Von Teese, you’ll be a vintage beauty with a modern day twist.


Garter Look Pantyhose

Love the look of garters and tights, but don’t want to deal with the straps and buckles? For low maintenance ladies who still want to add flare to their hose, this pair is for you. With a faux lace up design on your backside, and a printed garter pattern with mock fishnet thigh-highs, you will have the whole garter look in just one piece.


Woven Crackle Print Pantyhose

If you live life on the edge, this pantyhose might be just your style. The crackle design slightly resembles distressed nets and look great paired with a black skirt. Wear them with a leather outfit for a chic biker chick look that has badass written all over it.


Fringe Backseam Pantyhose

If you are a funky and eclectic soul, try out these fringe pantyhose and add flavor to any old outfit. The fringe back seam runs from your ankles all the way up to your backside and will accentuate every little move your legs make throughout the night. They’re great for dancing and flouncing around.


Whatever your personality or style, there pantyhose are sure to compliment your outfit. Whether you want to keep it simple or step it up with unique designs, the versatility of hosiery is endless. Always remember that comfort is key so look good, feel great and take the style world by storm. Check out our large selection on the Leg Avenue website.

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