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Getting Your Partner On Board for Kink in the Bedroom


When you’ve been with the same partner for quite some time, it’s common to feel as though intimacy in the relationship has hit a plateau. Spicing things up in the bedroom can add some much-needed excitement and refreshment to your love life. However, letting your curiosity roam free can be intimidating at first. Will your partner like your new moves? Will it be as satisfying as you had hoped? Before you jump blindly head first into your fantasies, here are some tips on getting both you and your partner ready to add a little kink to your bedroom repertoire.


Getting Your Partner On Board for Kink in the Bedroom

1. Have an Open Discussion with Your Partner

Talking to your partner ahead of time about your sexual curiosities and preferences can save face later. Tell them that you have been interested in trying something new, but without making them feel like they have been inadequate. Explain your curiosities with phrases like “I think this would be a fun thing to try!” or “I’ve always wondered what this feels like.” This will help them understand that they are not doing anything wrong, you just want to enhance both of your experiences together with a little something extra.


2. Establish a Safe Word

Whether you’re starting out slow, or you and your partner have agreed to try the kinkiest of fantasies, deciding on a safe word can settle the nerves. Knowing that either one of you can back out if something doesn’t feel right will relieve tremendous pressure and will allow you further enjoy your experience without having to compromise your comfort level. If you’re dipping your toe into any moves that could hurt your partner (whether intentionally or unintentionally), a safe word will let one of you know that the other is not at ease with the stage it has escalated to. Giving your partner an out may help them feel more comfortable with trying something new.


3. Lighten the Mood with Lingerie and Props

One way to lighten the mood or to ease yourself and your partner into a kinkier bedroom routine is to wear lingerie that is a bit bolder than your typical nightie. You can also incorporate different props such as harnesses, masks or floggers. You can start off by introducing these elements into your fantasy before acting on more unconventional practices. It can help both you and your partner get into the right mindset and open up to being more playful and open-minded.


The key to getting your partner on board with adding more kink in the bedroom is open communication and mutual respect. Ask them what fantasies they would like to act on so that you both are mutually satisfied. Dress for the occasion by finding bodystockings, teddies and bra & panty sets perfect for going a little wild in the bedroom. For the adventurous, dip into our Kink Collection for more daring and risqué pieces. Shop now and live out your fantasy!

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