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10 New Ways to Show You Love Them


When life gets crazy, and you become busier, it is still important to prioritize your relationship and make your significant other feel special. By letting them know you love them in new ways, they will still feel like am important part of your life among your other goings-on. Instead of just telling them how you feel, show them with these new ways to say, “I love you.”


10 New Ways to Show You Love Them | Leg Avenue Blog

1. Leave Notes Around the Home

Finding an unexpected love note is like coming across buried treasure! Leave a sticky note with a quote, poem, or simply a kiss mark for them to find around the house or in their work lunch. If you want to express something more than words can convey, why not print out a picture from one of your favorite memories together? They’ll be reminded of great times in the relationship and how you’ve got them on your mind.

2. Talk Them Up in Public

Give your partner the praise they deserve. When people asks what’s new, let them know about your loved one’s recent accomplishments, showing how proud you are of him or her. Even if they aren’t around, chances are that person will ask your partner about it later, showing that you’ve been praising them in public. If they are there to hear you talk them up, they’ll be able to see your admiration first hand.

3. Send a Mid-Day Text

We’re all in our own little bubbles throughout the day, enveloped in what’s next. Slow your roll and shoot your loved one a quick text to let them know they are on your mind throughout all the hustle and bustle. It doesn’t need to be elaborate—even the kissy face Emoji will do!

4. Bake Them a Treat… For No Reason

What says, “I love you,” better than warm, baked sweets? Don’t let sweet treats only go along with special events like holidays. Bake them one of their favorite treats for no reason other than you love them and want to see them smile.

5. Cover One of Their Chores

After a particularly hard day, having one less thing to do at home will make a world of a difference in winding down. Pick up one of their chores so they can relax a little bit when they need it most.

6. Thank Them for Something

After a while, it can be easy to take the little things for granted. Thank them for something they did today, yesterday, or even years ago. Let them know that their contributions to the relationship are worthwhile and appreciated.

7. Be Unconditionally Supportive

It’s easy to become devil’s advocate when you know someone very well, and they’re determined to do something that may be out of character. Is your loved one suddenly determined to run a 5k for the first time? Maybe they have a crazy invention idea that they want to get off the ground. Support their latest venture with unconditional love and cheer them from the sidelines. Even if it doesn’t work out, they can’t say you weren’t always there for them.

8. A Distraction-Free Dinner

Turn off your phone. Turn off the TV. Don’t answer the door. Just one-on-one, uninterrupted quality time over a nice meal. Enough said!

9. Give Them a Massage

Show your love both physically and emotionally through a massage. While you relieve their stress and work their muscles, they’ll recognize your efforts in wanting them to feel great. Ask them what feels good, and focus on those areas. Pampering them once in a while is a sure-fire way to express their place in your life.

10. Compliment Something Quirky

By complimenting something small you notice about your partner, they’ll see that you really pay attention to them. This also shows that you love them the way they are, quirks and all, and you wouldn’t change a thing.

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